Webmaster has developed many websites, most - but not all - of which are 'active'. Some have not yet been completely fleshed out. Some are no longer extant - they are either maintained internally as archival reference sources or are partially preserved as a small part of his 'legacy' (see the PHILOSOPHY piece regarding Webmaster's perspective on legacies). Each seemed (to Webmaster) 'logical' when the site was created and each 'grew' in what seemed a logical process. But there is no overall 'logic' that would dictate a sequence for the listing of the sites. So they are listed below, arbitrarily, in alphabetical order. All are - obviously - part of the World Wide Web (WWW) and all are inter-connected in one or more ways. But each is distinct. The listing is quite simple. For each website, there is the name, a brief description, and a clickable link that facilitates reaching the site. Recognizing that you may not have time to look at all of the sites, let me recommend a few that are most active currently: Adult Learner, The David Coalition, Educational Assistance, Entre Nous Enterprises, Histoweb, PhysarumPlus, and Webmaster Says. [Note: The section below is a complete listing of sites for which Webmaster is, or has been responsible. Webmaster has also maintained a separate - and more extensive - listing of other websites that may be useful; for that listing, please see the MORE section.]

- ADULT LEARNER was conceived in March 2014 and 'put up' on the WWW in late 2014 (although it is not expected to be fully fleshed out until mid 2015). The site discusses the concept of adult learning in some detail, explains why most of us (including Webmaster) are adult learners, and presents some examples ("classes") of materials that Webmaster has learned and feels offer potentially valuable (or at least interesting) perspectives to other adult learners. Many of the subjects are the focus of websites created by others; Webmaster is presenting each from his own perspective. This website may be reached by clicking here.

- BIC (Biomedical Instrumentation Center) was the first website Webmaster created, in 1995. Since he resigned as Director of the BIC (in 2003), the BIC has been reorganized and the website has been completely changed to reflect the philosophy of the school's administration; Webmaster played no role in those revisions. The current version may be reached by clicking here. Webmaster is attempting to reconstruct the original site and display it here, for comparison with the current site - thus providing an historical perspective. [In fact, as Webmaster began reconstructing the old BIC website, he came to recognize that his colleague Jozsef C. actually did most of the work of setting up that website and, in the process, taught Webmaster how to set up a website. So, while Webmaster DID do a lot of work recreating the BIC website available here, it was Jozsef C. who really did most of the original work. In recognition of this, Webmaster wrote a class on the Adult Learner website devoted to Jozsef C. and placed it just before the class on Websites.]

- The DAVID COALITION (TDC) was conceived in June 2014 and 'put up' on the WWW in early 2015. It is a somewhat unusual, but nevertheless logical extension of the Mega Gas Station Setback Coalition website (below), which is itself an extension of the Stop Costco Gas Coalition website (see below). But TDC is unconventional in that it is directed not simply at 'fighting' powerful corporations but also at addressing problems caused by other entities (such as government agencies). And, in contrast to many other civic activist sites, it is premised on the notion that, while numbers (of activists) are important, in many cases the most effective actions are those of a very small number of activists - the 'Davids' - acting in unconventional ways. This website may be reached by clicking here.

- EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE was for many years Webmaster's main website. Conceived and put up (in March 2005), it was originally structured to serve Webmaster's plans for education-related consulting services after he retired from his formal academic position. It has 'morphed' several times as his interests in civic activism (especially related to public schools) grew. More recently, after discussions with some of his former colleagues he has begun work to restructure the site so other educators can be involved. Despite the fact that the site is thus steadily undergoing significant change, it can still be reached by clicking here.

- ENTRE NOUS LLP was conceived in November 2014 and 'put up' in the Spring of 2015. It is an umbrella site for the various 'businesses' operated by Webmaster and/or his Partner (wife). All of the businesses are extensions of knowledge and skills that the two principals acquired (mostly as adult learners) and which they hope to use (having retired) to generate a small amount of income to support their various 'service' activities (for example, Webmaster's various websites and his wife's efforts to maintain - and upgrade - Gooding Reach; see below). This website may be reached by clicking here.

- GOODING REACH is the small cottage (part of Webmaster and his Partner's 'compound') in southern Maryland that they purchased (in 2012) from the estate of Marshall and Dot Gooding. Marshall is described in the article [on the Webmaster Says website, under the title 'Marshall's Way' (available here)]. Webmaster is helping his Partner 'save' the historic cottage from 'decay': he is doing 'exterior work', while she is in charge of interior restoration. The cottage is used for meetings of the Tanner Creek Community Association (TCCA - see below) and is rented - to selected 'guest' families/groups who are drawn to the special environment - if they respect the community perspectives. Rental costs are kept low, because the goal is not so much to make a profit, but rather to defray the costs of the restoration. For more information on Gooding Reach click here.

- HISTOWEB was created by Webmaster to assist first year medical students (and others) in their study of Histology. [it was modified for each entering class; the first'edition' was posted in 1997). It has a very large collection of annotated photomicrographs of microscope slides that were used in the teaching of Histology. While teaching methodologies have moved to the use of 'virtual slides', Webmaster is confident that the material in the HistoWeb folders and files would still be of enormous help to any student struggling to understand how the words in textbooks relate to the images seen in the microscope. HistoWeb was created at a time when Webmaster was still learning the nuances of HTML. It is, unfortunately, structured so that getting a domain name and making it a free-standing website would (in Webmaster's opinion) involve an inordinate amount of work - which simply cannot be justified. Hence the URL by which it can be accessed is 'under' the Educational Assistance domain name. Since many of the routine stains for light microscopy (e.g. Eosin) are quite fluorescent, Webmaster may be able to use his techniques for wide field deconvolution (see the comments - below - on PhysarumPlus) to augment the HistoWeb site with some interesting 3-D reconstructions. HistoWeb is available by clicking here.

- I AM WEBMASTER, the present website, was conceived in late 2013 and put up in mid-December 2014. The purpose is to provide one central point of access to all the websites created by Webmaster, as well as to provide some perspective on why/how he has assembled these interlaced sources of information and opinion.

- The MEGA GAS STATION SETBACK COALITION website was a logical extension of the STOP COSTCO GAS COALITION website (see below). It was put up in February, 2014. The goal of the Coalition was to convince the Maryland Legislature to pass legislation mandating a safe buffer (setback) between any mega gas station and such 'sensitive land uses' as residential homes, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, etc. The website provided information on the unacceptable risks to health created by inappropriate siting of mega gas stations. It also included information on other reasons why the proposed legislation should be enacted. It served as a coordinating point for groups in various Maryland jurisdictions, who have similar perspectives on the need for such legislation and who share elements of tactics and strategies. The driving rational for the coalition was the desire to eliminate the need for each individual jurisdiction in the state to have to wrestle with this 'complex' issue - over and over. The MEGA GAS STATION SETBACK COALITION website was archived in 2017 but is still available by clicking here.

- The MONTGOMERY COUNTY EDUCATION FORUM (MCEF) is a group of civic activists who are working to rectify problems of unequal access to educational opportunities within the Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools (MCPS). They host a variety of speakers and other educational events, in an effort to influence policy-makers. Webmaster was a founding member of MCEF and served as its original webmaster. When he retired (from his academic career), he also 'took a break' from all of his civic activities, including MCEF. At that time the group had a professional website designer re-do the MCEF website. The current website is available here. For purposes of providing a historical perspective, Webmaster is working to make his version of the website available here.

- The NOT IN ANYONE'S BACK YARD Coalition (NIABY) was formed in early 2015 as a vehicle enabling activists fighting battles for the general good to counter the shop-worn NIMBY label. The initial target was the elements of the Petroleum Goliath who, like Costco, felt they were entitled to place hyper-market gas stations wherever they pleased. Although a domain name has been obtained, Webmaster has not yet (June 2015) put the website on-line.

- PHYSARUM PLUS is a website devoted to disseminating information about the acellular slime mold Physarum polycephalum and related organisms. It is also a coordinating point for the loosely structured world-wide group of scientists who do research on such organisms. As a biological scientist, Webmaster focussed on the cell-biological basis of cell motility and did most of his research on Physarum. Although he has been retired (formally) since 2008, he continues to do some research (he maintains a small laboratory in his vacation home in the Tanner Creek community) and maintains this website as a vehicle for staying in touch with other Physarum workers and facilitating their contacts with one-another. Given the progress he has made with implementing wide field deconvolution of fluorescence image stacks, he hopes to be adding both a Protocol file and some striking images of Physarum amoeboflagellates to this site by late 2015 or early 2016. The PhysarumPlus website may be accessed by clicking here.

- The STOP COSTCO GAS COALITION was formed in October, 2012 and the website was created within a few days thereafter. The SCGC was formed in response to the proposal, by Costco, to build a mega gas station in a totally inappropriate site in the Westfield Wheaton Plaza. In Montgomery County, MD all such proposed land uses require a Special Exception process. This website documented the facts and assertions of both the Applicant (Costco - nominally) and the Opposition (SCGC and others). As the Hearing Process dragged on (it took almost two years and set a record - in terms of hearing numbers - for such proceedings), the website grew in size and content, becoming the primary internet source for information on the handling of the proposal. As the process drew towards closure the coalition - as had been planned - morphed into the Mega Gas Station Setback Coalition, whose stated goal was to push for statewide legislation that would spare citizens in other jurisdictions in Maryland from having to fight corporate hubris like that manifested by Costco in this case. Shortly after the MGSSC was formed, Webmaster stepped down from the post of webmaster for the SCGC, but provided limited assistance on a case-by-case basis. With the Board of Appeals decision (in early 2015) to deny Costco's application, the website is now being kept active only because Costco has announced it will challenge the Board decision in court. Once the legal wrangling is concluded, this website will probably be archived. [Note: This case is being documented in a monograph, about which more information can be found in the MORE section of this (I Am Webmaster) site. The Stop Costco Gas website is available here.

- The TANNER CREEK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION website was an information source for and about the community in southern, Maryland where Webmaster and his wife have their vacation compound. Established in 2009, it explained the unique nature of the locale, what the community does to preserve the environment and how it - on occasion - must fight to preserve its way of life. In 2015, the President of the Association resigned because he felt he could not help people who did not understand that being a member of a community entailed having certain attitudes, in particular the notion that - on occasion - enlightened self interest trumped simple self interest. Because Webmaster agrees with the (now former) President he ceased maintaining the website. The last revision of the site for which Webmaster was responsible has been archived and is available here.

- In a sense, WEBMASTER SAYS is the 'political' arm of Webmaster's network. Established in June 2013, it is structured to allow Webmaster to engage the public (and policy makers) in discussions of how to solve problems. As is made clear by a piece in the PHILOSOPHY section of this (I Am Webmaster) site, Webmaster believes that we can make much more progress toward solving problems (big and small) if we are willing to work at them together in a systematic and realistic manner. How the Webmaster Says website is structured is best understood by visiting it here.