This section contains a bit more material. Hopefully some of will be useful to one or more visitors. Most of this material is what many would call 'miscellaneous'. Webmaster's experience is that 'folders' like these tend to grow as any given website matures. Therefore, anticipating such growth, he has identified these miscellaneous bins and made each accessible via a link to a separate page, none of which is reachable via one of the link buttons at the top/bottom of the five main pages of this website.


Webmaster developed the habit (for the original Educational Assistance website) of maintaining a very extensive system of folders of other websites on the WWW that he had found helpful. From time to time people contacted him to thank him for providing this resource, to inform him of sites that are no longer in existence, and/or to suggest additional links. Because such listings have proven useful, he is moving those files to this website and, in other websites where provision of the other website information may be appropriate, he will provide a link to the material on this website. The listing of other useful websites is available here.


Although Webmaster has no formal training in Website preparation and maintenance, he does have considerable expertise (gained as an Adult Learner). He does not desire to make a business of setting up websites, but he does recognize that some may be willing to pay him a modest fee to help them set up a website and he is willing to do that, but only under certain very specific circumstances. for more information on this, please click here.


A list of various quotes, numbered as they were when they were quoted in the other major pages, is available here.


Webmaster has begun work on a series of rather lengthy discussions of matters treated, very briefly, in one or more of his websites. He envisions each such discussion to be the length of a book. Some have been begun, others are completed, and others are simply ideas which may never reach fruition. These monographs are available here.


A very significant part of Webmaster's experiential learning has come as the result of various trips he has taken, many of them to scientific meetings. Pictures from some of those trips are posted in the PHOTO-GALLERY elsewhere on this website, but recently Webmaster has found it very useful to prepare brief "reports" on the various trips (as a means of reviewing what he did/learned) and selecting some of the many pictures (from those trips) for inclusion in the report on a given trip. Listed here are links to the various trips/reports (in reverse chronological order), each link being preceded by a very brief explanation of the nature of the trip. This section was begun in the summer of 2016 and it is expected to take several years to complete it.