Welcome to my website; or perhaps "parlor" would be a better word [(1) - see the MORE page for explanation of the various numbered quotes]. Please make yourself comfortable and let me tell you about this website - and myself. Briefly - because the BACKGROUND section goes into a bit more detail. You already know who I am (Webmaster - see the title). Now a bit about my tone - because the tone of any conversation is very important. Having been a scientist and educator (of adult learners), my tone is, well, professorial. But not stuffy (one hopes). In fact it is often rather whimsical (see for example the Adult Learner website). And slightly different for each of my websites (there are many). Each website (they are all listed in the WEBSITES section) has a distinct purpose and tone. Of course the purposes overlap somewhat - as you will see when you look at the various sites (or rather IF and when you look at them!).

But before you wander through the houses (websites) of my compound (part of the world wide web - WWW), let me make something quite clear. My portion of the WWW is a number of websites, but none of these websites is intended "to deceive" (2). Rather they are truthful (Webmaster always tells the truth) and are intended to inform. To educate. Adult Learners. So they can work, separately or together (in coalitions) to solve (or begin to solve) problems. So yes, like any web-weaver, my intent is to ensnare you. In the effort to solve problems - problems that are OUR problems. After all, even Webmaster cannot solve all the problems himself! He needs your help. That - briefly - is the philosophy that drives my commitment to websites. The details are mostly in the PHILOSOPHY section, with some additional details in the MORE section.

One last point - about the graphic above this brief WELCOME section. The picture was taken by a VERY good friend (KEJ), who graciously allowed me to use it, with modifications. Since he is innocent (of the modifications) his full name is being protected. There are many webs in our lives (in fact one often speaks of the 'web of life') but perhaps the most striking and purposeful is the spider web. So it seemed fitting to use KEJ's beautiful picture of an orb web on this WELCOME page. And to add a few things. Like all the '@' symbols. The symbol '@' is the symbol used on the American Yatch Club Burgee to designate a webmaster. Webmaster was raised near the sea, has owned sail- and power-boats most of his life and taught, for many years, on a Navy base. He recently purchased a pennant with this symbol and flies that pennant proudly from the stern of his launch, Serendipity. So, if you click on the @ at the end of the next sentence you will be taken to the Websites section. Try it by clicking here @. Of course, you can also get to the same section via the tool bar (above the picture and at the bottom of the page). There are MANY ways to get to a given location within the WWW: one can even arrange to have the '@'s in the modified picture be a 'clickable' link. Webmaster used to know how to do that, but has forgotten; he will relearn it when he has time, because he is an Adult Learner. Webmaster loves making connections - in fact he doubts you have ever met someone who is better at making connections than is Webmaster. And that statement is connected to the notion that you might want to know a bit more about Webmaster (or perhaps not). Which you can do by clicking on the BACKGROUND button in the tool bar (above). Or, taking note of the small facial profile (in the modified picture), with the question mark, do you find it surprising that you can get to the BACKGROUND section by clicking here? Or to the PHILOSOPHY section by clicking on PhD? Or to the MORE section by clicking on +?


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