At the most simple level, the Background for this Website (the basis for its creation) is 2-fold. First, Webmaster needed a simple way of accessing all his websites without having to 'bookmark' each on the various browsers on his various computers (or worse yet having to repeatedly type in the various URLs). Secondly, this site provides a 'teaser' introduction to all the other sites so that, if one stumbles across this site (perhaps because of the audacious name!), one might be tempted to visit one of the other sites. But these two basic reasons are a bit too simple.

If he were asked to 'define' himself (and he has been asked that), Webmaster would say he is "a happy existentialist". He does not believe that his life has any special meaning, other than the meaning he gives it by his actions. Many people think that existentialists are sad (or at least morose), but Webmaster feels that being an existentialist does not preclude being happy. And he is happy because he has had the opportunity to take meaningful actions and has enjoyed them. Webmaster's background is that of a scientist, an educator (of adult learners), a civic activist and a self-examined human being. He is a life-long learner, in the manner that characterizes many - but not all - adults who are life long learners. [The distinction between 'adult-learners' and 'life-long-learners' is a subtle distinction that is explained in the Background section of the Adult Learner website.] And, as noted on the WELCOME page of this website (I Am Webmaster), Webmaster is especially skilled at making connections. All of the elements of Webmaster's personal background form elements of the backgrounds of each of his websites; in the sense that the "background" of each website must be understood in the context of the history ('things that happened') that created the impetus for Webmaster to create the particular websites. Because so many of the 'things that happened' are so inter-related, the backgrounds (and thus the websites) are interconnected in a manner that can only be described as a meshwork or network of factors. While much of the content of the various websites could (possibly) be contained in a smaller number of websites, that would probably 'not work'. Each website would then become much larger and many pieces of each website would be longer. Webmaster's experience as an educator is such that he is acutely aware of the limited attention span of even the most dedicated adult learners. Hence he has deliberately chosen to have a greater number of websites, each very focussed, with fewer sections and briefer 'pieces' in each section.

Much of the above may seem, to anyone visiting this website, very vague. Perhaps a specific example would be helpful. Consider the Stop Costco Gas Coalition (SCGC) website. The special exception case about which the SCGC websute was created involved an enormous amount of work (by all parties), and extended over much more than a year. As of this date (13 December 2014) the case (S-2863) has still not been decided, although the Hearing Examiner (HE) has just recommended denial of the application and the Board of Appeals is expected to 'rule' sometime early next year. As the process dragged on, the SCGC website became so large that almost no one was reading it and thus the impact of the site was greatly diminished. The HE in the case (who by the way indicated that he was reading the site - at least early in the process) often bemoaned the conflict between the need for 'facts' that might be helpful to him in reaching his decision and the reality that so many 'facts' were being presented that he was being overwhelmed and he feared (to paraphrase) that his head might burst! If Webmaster chose to combine the SCGC website with the recently created MGSSC site and the very new TDC website, the distinct messages of the two newer sites would surely be lost in the massive content of the older site.

We are now essentially done with this BACKGROUND section and the visitor can move on to the other sections, but first, remember that question mark on the WELCOME page? Do you recall that Webmaster is sometimes whimsical? Have you wondered who webmaster is? Well, to see a photo-gallery of webmaster 'head-shots' (and have the option of seeing them in context), why not click on the question mark at the end of this sentence?