The materials included in this subsection are by no means comprehensive. Many short trips are not listed and some longer ones for which detailed records were not kept are not mentioned (or, if mentioned, do not include a link to more details).

- 2016 August - England and Ireland. For a detailed description of this trip click here.

- 2015 December - PhysNet 2015. For a description of this meeting click here.

- 2014 April - Portugal; Lisbon and the Duoro River Valley; Vantage Port Wine Cruise. For a detailed description of this trip click here.

- 2012 Nov/Dec - Vantage Trip to Costa Rica: Land Central Mountains and Pacific Seacoast of Costa Rica and Panama, through the Panama Canal to Panama City - Vantage

- 2011 Fall - Vantage Riverboat trip. Istanbul, the Agean, Athens. For a detailed description of this trip click here.

- 2011 April - Vantage Riverboat trip. Budapest to Prague - Vantage

- 2010 January thru April - St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles, West Indies; Mark teaching at Medical School

- 2009 July - Holland - Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem Belgium - Brugge, Rotterdam, Brussels

- 2007 January- February - Paris (Ile St. Louis apartment) 8 Days

- 2006 July - Puerto Rico (MRA only)

- 2004 October - Vantage Tour: Tall-masted sailing ship, the Star Clipper, departing from Venice, sailing the Adriatic Sea to Croatia, Islands, Dubrovnick, Sicily, Pompeii, Lipari, Corsicia to Cannes. Land (mini bus)to Nice, France

- 2003 June-July Queen Elizabeth 2 from NYC to Southhampton / London, England Stay in Kensington/Chelsea for 1 week Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, Victoria&Albert, Fowlers, Tina Guild, Sothebys

- 2002 July - Freiberg, Germany, Basel, Lausanne & Zurich, Switzerland, Pisa, Villa- , Tuscany Day Trips - 21 Days

- 2000: July - Webmaster, accompanied by his wife, attended the North American Physarum Workshop at Manor du Lac Delage in Quebec, Canada. After the meeting, they traveled through New Brunswick and Halifax, then along the Maine coast, enjoying the scenery. In addition to the report posted to the PhysaruPlus website, some additional photos are available here.

- 1999 December - January 2000 Rome Millenium Celebration Ball - 5 Days

- 1998: July - Webmaster attended the 13th European Physarum Workshop in Leicester, England, accompanied by his wife. A brief report on the meeting is available on the PhysarumPlus website. After the workshop webmaster and his wife traveled to Scotland, rented a car, and toured the country for a week or so. Although no detailed notes were kept, some pictures of this trip are available here.

- 1996: July - Webmaster and his wife attended the 12th European Physarum Workshop in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. [A brief description of the meeting, from July 2 -7, is posted to the PhysarumPlus website.] Although we have no detailed notes, we stayed in Oslo briefly before the meeting and, afterward, toured a bit of Norway, including Bergen, and took a wonderful ride on the coastal mail boat (the Hurtigruten), enjoying some beautiful scenery. Absent detailed info on most of them, a packet of pictures taken during this trip is available here.

- 1992: October - Scotland Beach, MD - Bought Cottage on the Bay Called Beside the Point

- 1988: Physarum meeting in Regensburg, Germany. Am not sure if Abigail joined me.

- 1988: Molecular Cell Biology of Physarum, in Okazaki, Japan. Abigail did not join me.

- 1987: Physarum meeting at UC Berkeley. Abigail did not join me.

- 1986: Physarum meeting in Canterbury, England. We traveled from Toulouse (where I was on Sabbatical for six months) to Canterbury, in our beloved Peugot 505, and both Abigail and Bennett had a great time.

- 1986: From April through October Webmaster, accompanied by his wife and son, was on Sabbatical leave, doing research on Physarum at the CNRS in Toulouse, France. For a bit more information on this, click here.

- 1985: July Physarum meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. Abigail did not attend, but she was pleased that I won the Physarum identity contest with my free-verse poem and brought home the prize - a bottle of terrible Wisconsin wine!

- 1984: July International Biophysics Congress in Bristol, England. Abigail and Bennett joined me and we also toured London

- 1984: April - Webmaster attended the 6th European Physarum Workshop in Font Romeu, France. His family did not travel with him. His contacts at this meeting lead to his attendance at many future workshops. It also played the groundwork for his sabbatical in Toulouse, France in 1986. To view a few pictures from this trip, click here.

- 1977: Webmaster and his wife visited her family in Florida. During that time Webmaster attended a Physarum workshop that was part of the Second International Mycological Congress, held at the University of South Florida, in Tampa. Webmaster did not realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of a long series of trips centering around Physarum Workshops. A brief commentary on these workshops is available here.

- Summer 1962. The first trip of which Webmaster has detailed memories and at least some records occurred during the summer between his junior and senior years at college, when he traveled to Germany as a "work-study" student.

He was offered the opportunity because he had done well in his German language courses (despite the fact he was essentially a Biology major). His job was - nominally - to help several offices with the translation of various documents between German and English. In fact, his job was one of many that had been created as a vehicle for enabling Germany to show young Americans that the era of "bad Germans" was over. Webmaster understood this and he was particularly mindful of it because his was of Jewish heritage and he sensed that his parents had some misgivings about his going to Germany for the summer. But all went very well and he had a rich experience!

He was based in Frankfurt, working for Chemiewerk Homburg (CH), a branch of the large firm Degussa. CH produced pharmaceuticals and - unfortunately - one of them was Kontergan, the German name for Thalidomide. Part of what Webmaster did was to translate documents on Kontergan between English and German. He also gave casual English lessons to some of the CH officials. But mostly, his job was to interact with as many people as possible - to build bridges. He found this very interesting and was especially pleased that he was asked to accompany one or more CH officials when they traveled on business. He was also invited to visit the country homes of a number of people. He ended up traveling quite a bit and seeing/learning a lot. At the end of the summer he traveled to southern Germany and Switzerland before returning to the United States.

This summer experience turned out to be pivotal for Webmaster. On one level it was his first experience at becoming immersed in another culture, which he enjoys immensely, at least in part because this often involves functioning in a foreign language, at which he was pretty good. But, more importantly, being away from his familiar surroundings gave him time to think about things that were bothering him. He did not realize they were bothering him, but they were. He had enrolled as "pre-med", mostly because he had no clue what he "wanted to be" and his parents (like many Jewish parents) thought their son ought to be a doctor. Turns out that what was bothering Webmaster (he had not yet learned to live "the examined life") was that he did not really want to be an MD, in part because he knew intuitively that he would not be a good one. Upon his return to the US he explained this to his parents and, at the start of his senior year in college, he began the process of redirecting his plans so he could pursue a career as a research scientist. Although this switch was "last minute", he has never regretted it.

- 1942-1961. Webmaster took many trips as a child and in his early years as an adult. But, for the most part, he has no records of these trips (aside from a few memories and the occasional unlabelled picture). Obviously he learned something from each such trip, but cannot "recreate" any such lessons.

"The Bottom Line" is available here.